Shop like Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook’s fashion choices are always the subject of conversation. In a recent interview with VMAN, Russ revealed where he shops, what designers he’s into and if he thinks others are clocking his looks:

Oklahoma City isn’t known to be the most fashionable place. Where do you shop?
I do it on the road when we go to big cities—New York, L.A. I also do a lot of online shopping from places like TopMan, FarFetch, and Urban Outfitters.

What sort of designers or specific items are you into right now?
Right now I’m really into Paul Smith, but I wear everything. I’m into cutoff jean jackets, leather stuff…

Do other players ever resent you for your style reputation?
They do try to clown on me from time to time, but I don’t pay them any mind. If anything, though, they’re trying to figure me out, to see what I’m going to wear next.

Apparently he influences Kevin Durant off the court. Check out this post from KD’s Instagram where he asked the question, “what look I got going on?”


I mean who else?