Shaunie O’Neal Was Offered The “Shaq Sex Tape” But Declined

A representative for Shaq’s Ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal says that although Shaunie was offered a “Shaq sextape” by Robert Ross (the man that was allegedly kidnapped and beaten by L.A. thugs in order to retrieve said tape for Shaq). Shaunie not only wasn’t interested, she didn’t believe Robert Ross was being honest.

Of course, TMZ has the details:

Ross claims Shaq would bring women to Ross’ home and a security camera captured the action.

Shaunie says she never saw any footage — and can’t confirm if it actually exists — but says she turned Ross down flat because she “wanted nothing to do with it.”

Shaunie says she doesn’t believe Ross’s story … because he’s a “liar” who falsely claimed he and Shaunie had a romantic relationship after she separated from Shaq.

I will say this, Shaq and Shaunie handled their very public divorce with grace. I appreciate that neither of them slammed each other in the press and kept the negativity to a minimum. I know it’s a difficult process so kudos to them. As for Ross, he says the footage is now erased… yeah, ok.