Shaunie O’Neal Discusses Basketball Wives Season 3; Siovuaghn Wade, Trina, Evelyn And More

Let’s get caught up on some Basketball Wives news. Season 3 began filming last week in Miami. Last night I was listening to  Muthaknows – a blogtalk radio show- and Shaunie O’Neal was a guest. Shaunie was kind enough to share some information about the upcoming season, who might potentially be apart of the cast and what the status is of current cast members.

On her role as Executive Producer:

Shaunie is the Executive producer but she isn’t as involved as some might think. She sees the final cut before it airs but isn’t involved in the editing.  She’s consulted on casting and for the record, they don’t write story lines.

The only unnatural events are that they probably wouldn’t all go to dinner or hang out together.

Does Shaq watch:

Shaq does watch and enjoys the drama.

On potential new cast members:

Tanya Williams, Jayson Williams ex wife you know the one that used to play for the Nets in the 90’s and is currently in jail serving time for aggravated assault relating to the death of a 55-year-old limousine driver at his home in 2002. Google this story if you aren’t familiar– could be a possible new addition to season 3.

Tanya Williams is a former basketball player-turned-lawyer. The couple are currently divorce and Shaunie said that she had an “interesting” interview.

There were rumors about rapper Trina joining the cast (Kenyon Martin’s ex) but Shaunie said she hasn’t spoken to her about it and neither has the staff but she’d love to have her. I’d love to know how she motivated Kenyon to get her lips tattooed on his neck.

On the possibility of Dwyane Wade’s Ex-wife Siovaughn joining the cast:

Shaunie wants no parts of DWade hating her although she believes Siouvaughn  probably could be her own show-and great TV to boot- but no Siouvaughn Wade to the cast.  Siovaughn shouldn’t even consider that! I’d watch, I’d be entertained but yeah… not a good idea.

They are still looking for new cast members but they must have something going on.  That means if all you have to offer is a nasty attitude and no other storyline, no thanks.  I think they have that covered.

On returning cast members:

As of 2 days ago, Shaunie spoke with Evelyn and the news was she’s coming back and wants to come back. Evelyn’s lawyer is still negotiating with VH1. Shaunie has nothing to do with the money part.

Royce is day to day, it’s a struggle because of her legal situations and the fact that she and the majority of the cast don’t get along.

Tami will be back as well.

Susie and Gloria are done.

No matter the demands, the bottom line is everybody is under contract for 5 seasons (that’s the standard VH1 contract for all their reality shows) so expect to see  Evelyn back on the show at some point.

Reality shows have become modern day soap operas. That’s why people love to watch. Season 2’s finale episode became the highest rated VH1 show this year with 2.9 million tuning in. I can’t see season 3 disappointing. Check out the gallery with pics of Trina and Tanya. Do you think they’d make the cut?

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