Shaq’s latest rap diss targets Dwight Howard, Wilt & Kareem [video]


Shaq will keep coming at Dwight Howard as long as their is an audience to be entertained by it. That’s his thing. His latest Dwight snipe, Shaq heads back to the mic for a rap freestyle diss of the newest Laker center.

Warning, there’s profanity and language not appropriate for work.

Dwight shouldn’t feel bad, he threw in shots at Kareem and Wilt too. Even Kobe was once a victim of Shaq’s “rap prose.” Most important of all, Shaq does not want you to forget that while his time on the court might be finished, until another center comes along for this generation and claims the thrown – and by claim, I mean lay claim to 5 rings – he is still the baddest man in the land.

Debatable? Yes but go ahead and try to debate Shaq.

video via Dime Magazine