Shaq Shows Off His Upper Thighs On Inside The NBA [Video]

I expected great things when I heard Shaq was being added to TNT’s Inside the NBA. So far, it’s been so-so, but it’s only been a month and like the game itself, chemistry takes time to develop.

However, last night Shaq did cause me to giggle when he honored a bet he lost to Charles Barkley. Shaq said when the Clippers and Timberwolves faced off (earlier this week), that Kevin Love would outplay Blake Griffin and if he didn’t, Shaq would “sit on set in his undies.”

He’s a man of his word. Let me tell you, I NEVER want to see that much of Shaq’s thigh area! LMAOOOOOOOOOO

And the pink bikini’s on the beach! TEARS!! Shaq gets a reprieve on the show because of this, I was almost ready to boot him off the island. But if there’s ever a question, Always boxers Shaq…maybe Boxer-briefs cause then they wouldn’t ride up your thighs.


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