Shaq Pulls A Sock Out Of His Shorts Then Rubs It On Charles Barkley’s Head [Video]


“Inside the NBA” is one of the best sports shows on TV. Tuesday night did not fail to bring the giggles. The night ended with Shaq pulling a sock from a pair of tiny shorts he was wearing and rubbing it on Charles Barkley’s head.


Ernie Johnson was pimping some “Inside the NBA” shirts being sold on Homage — and they are pretty awesome shirts — so the TNT crew decided to model them. A few crew members walked down the catwalk with the shirts, and then it was Shaq’s turn to show us stuff.

Shaq threw on a “Craig Skywalker Sager” T-shirt, added some short-shorts and proceeded to shake his rump all up and down the stage. It was beautiful. But the money shot came when Kenny Smith noticed Shaq’s package looked a little larger than usual and asked if he had a sock in his shorts. Not feeling ashamed, Shaq reached down and pulled out his faux-trouser snake and then he walked over to Charles Barkley and rubbed it all over Chuck’s bald dome.


HILARIOUS for so MANY reasons!


Spotted at Larry Brown Sports

video via Gif’DSports