Shaq Denied Entry To New York Club, Mars 2112

Shaq is larger than life. I’m sure it’s been an extremely long time since he’s been turned away at club. But that’s exactly what happened in New York Saturday night. Shaq showed up to Mars 2112 in jeans, a black Sean John sweatshirt and a beanie. The doorman told him his attire was not appropriate for the club and was denied entry. Shaq took his business to Fashion 40 instead.

The club’s promoter, Mike Mogul, then went and proudly announced on Twitter how they shut Shaq down at the door.

“Did y’all just see Shaquille o wearing the same thing 2 days in a row check 7 days.”

“Dear SHAQ …. LISTEN HOMEY … sorry u aint make it inside of MARS … shaq went to fashion 40 … after we shut him down.”

Damn Shaq, that post retirement club struggle is real. They treated him like the old guy in the club…

Again I ask, what HAPPENS when these guys retire that they start dressing like Cat Daddies? Ick

Curtsy to TMZ