Shane Battier rocks purple pants for postgame catwalk steeze [photos]

The Miami Heat have taken a 2-1 lead in the NBA finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Let’s check out how the Heat and Thunder compared in the post game catwalk fashion show. HINT, I’m choosing the Heat purely based off of Dwyane Wade’s ensemble and despite Shane Battier’s Miami cool…

I love this combination for DWade. The pop of orange from his pocket hankie to his finger wrap was a perfect balance with the cool blue and cream.

I don’t think I’m ready to see Battier in lavender. Nope, not ready…

Chris Bosh and Russell Westbrook must have been in the same sort of zone when they selected their shirts.

Of course I’ve included a few photos of the lovely ladies behind the Heat men, Savannah Brinson, Gabrielle Union, Adrienne Bosh and Faith Reign.

Thank God for NBATV so I get my does of Kenny, Chuck, EJ and Shaq too. I miss those guys!

photos via Instagram, Jose3030