Serena Williams Rapping?

You know, I’m kind of not mad at Serena Williams testing out her rapping skills. If I was super rich and had some free time, I’d probably try out anything I remotely had an intrest in just for the experience.

Serena is allegedly taking her test run a bit more serious than I would however, Per TMZ (and you know they are like the absolute authority on EVERYTHING! :giggles:) the tennis star is signed to Minnesota Vikings OT Bryant McKinnie’s label- athletes still have record labels?

Check the deets:

We’re told Serena hit the studio last week to lay down a few tracks … and is working with a record label owned by Minnesota Vikings star Bryant McKinnie.

During the session, we’re told Serena did some work with renowned hip-hip producer DJ Clue … and she wasn’t half-bad.

Something tells me these tracks will never see the light of day. Wait, DJ Clue still makes hit records? Guess Bryant always has Lil Kim as a back up plan right?


Hey, those Versace stilettos she’s rocking are HOT!!