Scottie Pippen & wife Larsa to star in WE TV reality show, “Big Pippen”

Are you ready to see Scottie Pippen on reality TV? Scottie and his wife Larsa are joining the ranks of reality stars with their own show on WE TV entitled, “Big Pippin”… yeah, that’s kind of how I felt about that one too.

The premises of the show will be the jet setting life of this Basketball Wife and her retired husband and how they blend in both their families. No new themes but I suppose they’ll be big on personalties.

Big Pippen, from Left Right Productions, revolves around Chicago power couple Larsa and Scottie Pippen. From private jets to designer digs, diamond rings and six NBA championships, the Pippens live a truly charmed life. Add in her overbearing family and his clan from Arkansas, and this duo is living life Big Pippen style.

Interesting that they’ll be using “lifestyle” to highlight the show considering the rumors of Pippen having some financial troubles. He quickly shot those rumors down but it’s just something to note. This is Larsa’s second foray into reality TV, if you recall she was a cast member of the first season of “Real Housewives of Miami.”

So the question is, will you watch?