Savannah Brinson sets the record straight: “Yes Lebron & I are still getting married”


Savannah Brinson has been dodging rumors for weeks about the status of her engagement to Lebron James. Savannah missed the team’s trip to the White House and also skipped out on this year’s All-Star game in Houston so many began to assume that her absence meant trouble in Paradise.

Gossip Extra asked Savannah if the couple’s nuptials were still a go this weekend during a black tie gala in Miami:

“Some people have nothing better to do than starting rumors,” Brinson told me at a recent Miami society gala. “It’s not because we’re not together 24/7 that we’re having problems.”

So, Savannah, are you guys still getting married?

“Yes, we are definitely getting married, but I’m not telling you when or where!”

Keeping the details under wraps. According to my sources, nothing has been booked under their names in Miami. Perhaps they’re planning under aliases or the ceremony will be in Akron. We’re rooting for the couple!