Savannah Brinson, Miami Socialite? [photos]


Savannah Brinson, socialite? Savannah has been pretty lowkey in Miami since arriving three years ago, not really stepping out to events for establishing her presence as Queen of the Arena. But, it looks as if she’s ready to step out into Miami society. While her fiance Lebron James was off to New York to damage against the Knicks at Madison Square garden for win number 14 in a row, Savannah attended The Women of Tomorrow” black tie gala in Miami. The non-profit was founded by former Miami NBC 6 boss Don Browne and former star anchorwoman Jennifer Valoppi to raise money to send young girls to college.

Savannah was so inspired she’s thinking of starting her own charity. One that collects and distributes prom dresses to teens. That seems to be the jock significant other standard charity move.


Last observation, I wonder if Savannah was aware it was a black tie affair. She’s such a cutie but seems a bit underdressed for the event. Where was Mrs. Bosh? In New York to watch the Heat win of course.



photos via Gossip Extra @MrsAdriennneBosh