Russell Westbrooks’ post-game steeze, Game 1 Western Conference Finals [photo]

Russell Westbrook promised to “bring it,” fashion-wise during the Western Conference finals. While the Thunder started out with a lost on Sunday night to the Spurs, dropping a 10 point lead at the start of the fourth quarter. Russy absolutey delivered with a discussion piece for his shirt.

The “Calypso shirt” by The Critical Slide society is adorned with various flags of the world. Personality frames, naturally, brown cargos and green sneakers. Kevin Durant also opted for personality frames (well, his are real. He really wears glasses) and a blue short-sleeved plaid shirt.  Understated and effective.

As for The Thunder’s performance last night. 5 assists for the game for Russ? We need more. I’m also going to assume Scott Brooks had an excellent reason for leaving Serge Ibaka on the bench. He wasn’t in foul trouble. And lastly, James Harden was out played by the original “James Harden” Manu Ginobili.

shirt info via She Got game. Check her out!