Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant & Kobe Bryant’s postgame look [photos]

In game one of the Western Conference semi-finals between the Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. One team came out ready and fully engaged, the other…

Lakers get blown out in game one, 90-119. Turnovers and no defense of the pick & roll were huge factors plus the Thunder shot extremely well. But that’s how you’re supposed to win at home right?

Now let’s check out the postgame looks. Russell Westbrook looks like he was sending a subliminal shot wearing a polo with colorful fishing bait and red personality frames.

Russell didn’t even need to play in the 4th quarter. He ended the game with 27 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists.


Kevin Durant cleans up well with a blue suit complete with lapel pin and personality frames.

He ended the nights with 25 points.


And of course, there’s Mamba.


Oh and of course, we love Kobe’s sarcasm. Check his response to a reporter asking if the Lakers can guard the Thunder.



Game two takes place on Wednesday


video via Yahoo