Royce White gives woman $20k to abort baby?


Want a lesson in why condoms are important, especially when dealing with someone you really don’t know? Remember our friend, Houston Rockets rookie Royce White? The woman who leaked her previous exchange with White and revealed she was pregnant is back again with more screen shots from a recent conversation with Royce. Allegedly, White offered her $20,000 to have an abortion thus ensuring White didn’t become father to child number 3 (possibly 5 as it’s rumored not only is one of his existing BM’s pregnant but also another woman is claiming she is carrying his child too. YIKES.)

Well, once again White is on the losing end of the equation because after accepting additional trips to Houston and the $20K, the woman has informed him that she’s keeping the baby AND the money. FullCourtPumps has the exclusive:

After the last time u posted the story royce was upset but not for long. 1. Still was getting tickets to Houston (the picture is attached from the itinerary. 2. Phone calls and texts were still being answered (unlike his “BFF” who’s pregnant and blocked on twitter) 3. He sat there an trash talked his other baby mom, apparently there’s a possibilty of two other men to be the baby father of that one, so atleast he may not have 5 kids on the way.

My problem is the Mother f*cker had the audacity to try to pay me to get an abortion. I went along with it And what I did was keep the money, all $20,000. And I’m keeping the child.  And my message to royce: No abortion was conducted this morning. Thank u for providing funds so I can get started on my nursery

Well, this all could’ve been prevented had he utilized a condom. Was that 2 minutes (just a number hypothetically thrown out there, I have no idea the duration or skill level of his sex game) worth the funds he’s about to be donating to the cause? While I’m no legal expert, I would caution the young lady however to think about the position she’s taking, especially when leaking it. I assume at some point she’ll be seeking child support and I can’t imagine a judge appreciating some of the tactics she’s PUBLICLY employing. Extortion???


I’d be stressed out too if all this was happening in my personal life. Can’t say it enough. If you don’t have time to get to know the person you’re sexing, USE A CONDOM. You’d think after what appears to be two previous unplanned pregnancies, White would value himself more.

Be Well.