Royce White being sued for child support again


Royce White may not be in the NBA at the moment, but that doesn’t mean his drama has subsided. Yet another woman is claiming to have gotten pregnant by white and she’s ready to get $$$$ via child support. Meet Deuane Ning Keomanivanh, in documents obtained by TMZ, Ms. Keomanivanh spells out why she believes that White is the father of her son.

– She claims they banged in Minn. around 8/10/2012 
– She claims she didn’t bang any other dude 6 weeks before OR after that date. 
– She gave birth to the kid just about 9 months later. 

Ning is asking for unspecified child support and full legal and physical custody of the baby boy. She also wants Royce to have “no parenting time” with the kid. 

Translation — send money, but stay the hell out of our lives. 

Royce knows how to pick them doesn’t he? This is like the second or third woman claiming to be pregnant by him this calendar year, in addition to his two children. Good luck…

photos via BSO