Royce Reed wants Dwight Howard to cover her legal fees in their ongoing custody battle

Round 2988 between Dwight Howard and his son’s mother, Royce Reed. In this court battle, Royce has filed legal documents in Florida requesting Dwight cover her legal fees. Per TMZ, Royce has about $45,000 in legal fees that she’s spent fighting Dwight on various cases related to the custody of their son Braylon.

Per Royce, Dwight making $1.6 million a month puts him at the advantage to bury her with lawyers and legal paper work. And it’s going to cost her at least $60,000 more to continue with this legal battle.

So naturally, Dwight should pay for that… Royce was officially released from Basketball Wives Miami, so you know that means no more extra income from that. I would imagine that the judge would deny this request. Aren’t those sort of provisions generally made in a settlement? Plus, they weren’t married soooooo.

The unfair advantage is larger financial status but, you knew that going in. I’m going to feel pretty bad for Royce if she loses her son. She appears to be a good mom. At some point both of them need to grow up and address what’s going to be best for their son.

Maybe things will be better now that she’s not apart of the show.