Royce Reed wants a judge to lift the gag order placed on her by Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard and Basketball Wives star Royce Reed’s court battles have been pretty nasty. Back in 2009, Royce signed a gag order without fully understanding the scope of what it entailed. Royce is now asking the court to have that order lifted during her custody battle so she can let the world know what type of father Dwight really is. TMZ- naturally- has revealed the type of information Royce wants to drop on the world (and a future episode or two of Basketball Wives)

— Dwight is not morally fit to have custody of their son
— Dwight’s mental state is sketchy
— Dwight has funny substances laying around the house the kid shouldn’t see

Hmm well we know Dwight has the petulance to lie considering all the drama this season with trade demands and coaching issues. That also could correlate to his mental state, yes? Random “funny substances” laying around the house?? Uh oh, I didn’t think their court issues could get any uglier but it sounds as if we’ve just scratched the surface.

Dwight seems to have a lot of secrets…