Royce Reed has Twitter drama with new boyfriend, Dezmon Briscoe’s Baby’s mama

I struggled with putting together my Basketball Wives recap because outside of the awkward and too long “Think like a man” integration, this episode felt like a repeat of seasons past.

Royce introduced the world to her new boyfriend Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Dezmon Briscoe. The scene at dinner quickly ended in seeing Royce in lingerie mounting her new boy friend.

See, deja vu we saw this in season 2. Royce mentioned she and Dezmon discussed marriage, real question don’t we always see her discussing the topic with her boyfriend(s)?

And for those of you keeping count, Royce clarified the idea that she’s had a new boyfriend each season. On her VH1 blog she stated that the first season she was single, second season in a relationship (with that photographer that seemed to be using her for his 15 minutes of fame), season three she dated that Brian guy but he was NOT her boyfriend (remember his baby’s mom tried to blast Royce on Twitter?) and now Dez… who also has  baby’s mama drama. Christina Nero decided to release a few alleged text messages between herself and Dez that would seem to indicate he’s playing Royce (and if true, Christina as well)  plus throw a few shots at Royce on Twitter.

But this time, Royce clapped back. And revealed her own proof as to why the texts were fake as well as her own text exchange with Dez claiming of course that his baby’s mama is crazy.


Royce should be familiar with athletes making those type of claims.


Was this the best move as you fight for custody of you son? Good luck!