Royce Reed files emergency court order against Dwight Howard


Former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed dropped her son Braylon off in L.A. a few weeks ago to visit with his dad, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard. But per TMZ, Royce has recently filed an emergency hearing with the court because Dwight refuses to tell her where her son is. Royce is concerned because their six-year-old reportedly has a medical condition which requires medication and Dwight hasn’t refilled the prescription.

Dwight’s parents phoned Royce to tell her that Braylon was in Colorado, but Royce wants the court to ensure that Dwight will refill the prescription AND let her know Braylon’s whereabouts and a way to get in contact with him.

Royce should have just asked me, I would’ve told her that Dwight, his girlfriend Christine and the boys – Christine gave birth to a son in June – were in Colorado by looking at Christine’s Instagram. I know Royce followed her too there for a minute as well. :shrug: maybe Christine blocked her.

Dwight don’t be petty, it’s fair to let your kid’s mom know where her son is. Royce took things into her own hands and reached out to Dwight and Christine on Twitter Sunday morning.



photos via Instagram