Robert Griffin III victim of extortion plot by former Baylor student, Richard Hurd


“Mo money, mo problems” – Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie tried to warn us years ago. With money and success comes problems. Washington Redskins draft pick, Robert Griffin III is experiencing that right now. Richard Hurd, former student at Baylor with Griffin, was attempting to extort him for $500,000.

BSO provides the deets:

What Hurd  had against Griffin was private photos and videos of RG3. The type of pics and videos that routinely show op on sites like  MediaTakeOut if you catch my drift.

Hurd contacted Griffin’s agent and demanded $500k or he would release the photos and video to the media. I can confirm that there wasn’t anything illegal on the photos or video. Embarrassing maybe, but harmless in the grand scheme of things.

Apparently the motivation behind this plot – besides the obvious, money and jealousy- was the fact that Hurd used to date Griffin’s girlfriend. I wonder if that’s how he got a hold of the material. Interesting week for extortion plots. All three (Warriors head coach, Mark Jackson, Terrell Owens and now Griffin) were thwarted.