Rihanna Doesn’t Care About Shutting Athletes Down


Rihanna might be every athlete’s dream girl, but she plays no games when it comes to these athletes public thirsting. Bad Gal Ri has a history of setting the pros straight if they happen to overstep their boundaries. The latest to feel Rihanna’s sting, Memphis Grizzlies’ forward Matt Barnes.

Barnes implied that the two were dating, so Rihanna took to Instagram to set the record straight on Sunday. His former teammate Glen Davis says that Matt is obsessed with Ri.


But before Matt, a few other athletes that got hit with the verbal chin check.

A few years back it was JR Smith who got smacked on Instagram. Ri made it clear Earl the III was not only wack, but DESERT thirsty.


Rihanna also politely declined Washington Redskins’ receiver DeSean Jackson.


And then there was that time when she unleashed on former NBA center Andrew Bynum.

In 2010 Rihanna was asked what the funniest rumor she had ever heard about herself was, she said someone said she was dating Bynum, and she considered that an insult.

And there was that time when former NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards tried sending over an expensive bottle of champagne seeking to get Rihanna’s attention, and she sent the bottle back.


Apparently, if Rihanna is interested, she’ll let you know.


image via Instagram