Reggie Bush & Kris Humphries Run Into Each Other In Los Angeles

Todd Oren, Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter/Getty

Of course there will be a new Kardashian report every few days. That is a well run machine over there Kris Jenner is handling.

The latest, Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries (Kim’s ex and her new fiance) ran into each other last week in Hollywood at the Sky Bar. Details below.

Bush, 26, was the first to arrive at 11:45 with a couple of friends. The low-key NFL player kept his hood up as he sat back and sipped on his drink while texting on his BlackBerry.

“He was pretty quiet and tame and kept to himself,”  “He mostly spoke to the promoters that he is already acquainted with.”

When Humphries, 26, arrived 15 minutes later, he was escorted to the same area where Bush had been seated earlier.

“Kris was pretty much standing in front of Reggie’s table, yet they never came into contact or ever spoke,” the eyewitness notes. “Once Kris got there Reggie didn’t move from his table at all. He was on his phone the entire time until he left.”

Oh, so do we really believe Reggie is sad it’s Kris and not him? He had his chance and turned it down right?

Also, if you’re into “over-the-top” check this Kardashian-Humphries-Jenner video version of the Katy Perry hit, “E.T.” that of course features a scene with Kim and Kris kissing in a romantic setting. It’s like a real live musical! I adore those.