Reggie Bush Gets Emotional On Twitter

Last night the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired. For days rumors were buzzing about Kim puting her ex Reggie Bush on blast. Above, one of Reggie’s #subtweets to Kim after the finale aired. ::Ouch:: Somebody’s feelings are hurt!

He had another but opted to delete it. That one said “I kinda feel like the government right now! Lol! Man if they only knew what I knew about you!” Now Reggie, that’s not what you said when you phoned her to tell her the stuff about she & Miles was “driving him crazy”.

Ok… Maybe I’m being unfair but Reggie, you dated her for 5 years. You knew she lived her life out on TV. You loved the attention when you were with her and it helped raise your profile too.  Why would you think your phone call would be exempt? The Miles Austin thing really seemed to get under poor Reggie’s skin.

“Don’t ever f****** charge a car wash to me again – you can have Miles Austin pay for it.” ANNNDD he sent a text saying, “So glad I didn’t buy you a f****** ring, I mean God, why was I ever considering that?” :::GASP::: Bitter party of 1!

Ummm Reggie, that’s extremely emotional and quite petty.

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OWNED!!! And poor Miles couldn’t handle all the attention. Awwwww All that glitters isn’t gold. That’s ok, he’s not cute anyway. Reggie just hurry back from your knee injury. Clearly the Saints need you WAY more than Kim does.