Ravens Terrell Suggs & Candice Williams marry 3 days after Williams cancels protective order against Suggs [photo]

Surprise weddings seem to be the move of choice right now. No complicated invite lists or scrambling to find venues, just a moment of impulse in front of those closest to you. Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan did it in September. Amaré Stoudemire and his new bride Alexis made the move on 12/12/12. Now you can add Ravens Terrell Suggs and Candice Williams-Suggs to that list.

The wedding took place Friday night and comes just three days after Williams removed a protective order against Suggs. Terrell posted the below message to his Facebook page.

“Last night I married my best friend and the love of my life. Our son gave her away and our daughter looked like a miniature version of my beautiful bride as she stood next to her. I’m a lucky, lucky man. Thank you God for all of your blessings and for showing me such amazing favor,”

Congratulations to the happy couple. Let’s hope that there are no further misunderstandings or accusations of domestic violence in their future!