Ravens Bryant McKinnie sued by Florida Strip club for $375K in unpaid services

Athletes and Strip clubs are notorious together. But did you know that athletes can get credit to make it rain in the club? Apparently Ravens, Bryant McKinnie knows all about it. He’s being sued by several South Florida strip clubs for “services” he received between February 2009 and September 2010. The person suing him, that would be rapper Trick Daddy’s Daddy ::giggle,:: Charles “Pop” Young.

The offensive lineman owes $375,000 and allegedly signed a promissory note that he hasn’t made good on….

I thought Strip clubs were strictly a cash business outside of food and beverage? They take credit cards for lap dances? I’m just asking…

Clearly I don’t know Nann…

COME ON, that was funny and a completely appropriate use of a great Trick Daddy song!