Rapper-Jock beef: JR Smith & Joe Budden Twitter beef over Joe’s ex-girlfriend Tahiry

The Knicks newest acquisition, JR Smith is enjoying his return to the NBA. Playing in Madison Square Garden, just miles from where he grew up has to be a dream come true. And even though JR was most recently linked to his tatted soulmate, Britanie Girard looks like he’s adding a new dream girl to his “team” and rapper Joe Budden isn’t happy about it.

Twitter- oh how we love Twitter- set the stage for a tiny bit of rapper vs NBA star beef. See if you can follow this one. JR responded to a tweet that rapper Joe Budden’s EX-girlfriend Tahiry sent. For whatever reason Joe decided he should step into the middle of their conversation, presumably to block the connection:


So JR RT a part of his tweet convo with Tahiry

Yea and!RT @TheRealTahiry: Hahahaha, You Wish!!!!! ” @TheRealJRSmith: Getting all cute fa ya boi! #Smooth RT @TheRealTahiry: Facial Time…”

Joe Budden
@TheRealJRSmith @TheRealTahiry she’s not tho.

JR Smith Response
We already kno homie! RT @JoeBudden: @TheRealJRSmith @TheRealTahiry she’s not tho.

Joe Budden
@TheRealJRSmith @TheRealTahiry I’m not your homie.
Tahiry tryna get the NBA dikk

It is what it is… Guess I’ll be in the next mix tape! #followersUP!

Look, I watched this conversation in real time happen the other day and I couldn’t immediately understand what was happening. I initially thought it was one big joke. What I can tell you, JR and Tahiry have known each other for years so it wasn’t just a case of him trying to hook up via Twitter. Even though, he MAY have been trying to hook up via Twitter. ::giggle:: You follow that?

Tahiry is hosting JR’s return to NYC party and what about JR’s girlfriend? Initially on Twitter she seemed cool, calm and collected but then these tweets popped up.

I guess the party is over. Or just beginning depending on which side you land.