Rams RB Steven Jackson Gets Animated

Apparently I’m not up on my cartoons. Who knew Nickelodeon had a series based on the NFL?? I guess it makes sense after all, kids are future season ticket holders. Lock them in while they’re young and impressionable! The show’s title is NFL Rushzone: Guardians of the Core and it began airing on the Network in September. Each week it spotlights one of the NFL’s 32 teams along with its main character, a kid named Ish.

Ish is a 10-year old boy who never gets picked for football games at recess. But knows everything about the sport and is a football champion on his “Playtendo” video game console. Ish and his team of NFL superheroes, The Rusherz, work together to stop the Blitz Botz (machines sent from an evil overlord, Sudden Death. The overlord wants to turn every living thing into a machine.)

On this episode Ish is being harassed by bullies and uses his Magic Locker to enlist the assistance of Rams RB Steven Jackson.

::Blank Stare:: Clearly this is meant just for the kiddies cause I don’t get it!

Guess SJack doesn’t either