Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor, Darrius Heyward-Bey & others have a “Harlem Shake” video too [video]


I guess it’s the NFL’s turn to get in on the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon. The Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Jones and a few others decided they wanted in and shot their own.

Yeah, I’m not a fan. See the problem is that the Miami Heat set the bar ridiculously high with theirs.

  • First off, there’s costuming, they start the video in their warm ups. Cut to the music dropping in and they are all in perfectly prepped costumes. Except for Norris Cole. What IS this?
photo via Calyann Barnett

photo via Calyann Barnett

  • Next, The set up. The Heat locker room provided the perfect back drop for the madness. They floss on you with reminders every where that they are the Champs and your locker room doesn’t look like this… unless you’re in Dallas. Mark Cuban definitely sets it out for his players.


  • Next, LeBron doing his best imitation of Martin’s “King Beef” was hilarious. Especially the close up where he was sweating like he’d been dancing super hard.



Yeah, it’s going to be hard to recreate that magic. If you somehow missed the Heat’s version of the Harlem Shake, you can check that out HERE. To see who else has tried their hand at making their own classic, HARLEM SHAKE video, hit that link. I’ve got you covered.


Raiders video via Jersey Chaser