Raiders and Niners fans fight in the stands [Video]


Oakland Raiders fans are a different breed. If you’ve ever gone to a game, or glimpsed at the people occupying, “The Black Hole” at home games, you gather quite quickly that they’re “about that life.” On Sunday the Raiders faced off against their Bay Area rivals, the San Francisco 49’ers.

The Raiders just recently won their first home game of the season. The Niners seem to be imploding with rumors of head coach Jim Harbaugh’s imminent departure, injuries, and Colin Kaepernick’s uneven season. This seemed like an easy win for the Niners… but it didn’t go down like that. I guess something in the game caused this fan fight in the stands.



The Niners fan was arrested. Guess he was the instigator.


In another bit of irony, another man was shot after attempting to break up a fight between Raiders and Niners at a watch party.