President Obama Discusses The NBA Lockout With Jay Leno [Video]

Photo via REUTERS/Jason Reed

President Obama is an NBA fan. Tuesday night on his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the President shared his thoughts on the NBA lockout. Of course the President was on the side of the fans and cited the recent NFL lockout as a league who got it together for the spectators enjoyment.

Well, look, if you look at the NFL, they were able to settle theirs — and I think they understood. Players were making millions of dollars. Owners, some of us are worth billions of dollars. We should be able to figure out how to split a $9 billion pot so that our fans, who are allowing us to make all of this money, can actually have a good season. And I think the owners and the basketball players need to think the same way.

“They need to remind themselves that the reason they are so successful is because a whole bunch of folks out there love basketball. Basketball has actually done well, but these types of lockouts take a long time to recover from.”


The NBA and Union are meeting today in New York again. So far no additional games have been canceled but that could change.