Police Search Zach Randolph’s Oregon Home After Man Alleged He Was Beat With A Pool Cue

Zach Randolph, goons and weed. Some variation of those three items have been a staple of Randolph’s pro career. The latest incident happened at his Portland area home (although Zach himself isn’t a suspect)

Police believe Randolph invited James Ruben Beasley to a party at his West Linn, Ore., home early Sunday morning, with the expectation that Beasley would sell weed to his party guests. Randolph and his friends were celebrating after taking a chartered cruise on the Willamette River.

Beasley claims there was a disagreement over price, so several men beat him up and hit him with a pool stick. “He (Randolph) snatched it like basically saying, ‘I’m taking your weed,” Beasley said he suffered a concussion in the attack.  His brother, Robert, said that they were upset with Randolph for not stopping the attack.

Police searched Randolph’s home and while no drugs were found, a broken pool cue and blood were discovered.

Yikes, doesn’t sound too good. Zach has taken great strides over the last few seasons and has endeared himself to the city of Memphis. When you clean up your act, you have to make sure that those around you won’t be the cause of your demise either.