Police Believe There Are More Victims In Darren Sharper Rape Case


Former NFL player Darren Sharper is accused of raping eight women in five states. Now comes word that police believe that there are more victims that haven’t come forward.

Two law enforcement officials who asked not to be identified—one in Arizona and one in Louisiana—believe in the possibility of more alleged Sharper victims who have declined to come forward.

Sharper also had a type that he targeted.

Few details about Sharper’s accusers have been made available by law enforcement. Yet police reports in Tempe show that at least some of the female complainants aren’t just similar in terms of their allegations—they are also similar in appearance: white, with long hair, in their early 20s or younger, thin build, standing approximately 5’6″ tall.

Each time new details of this case are released, it becomes more even more horrifying. In Arizona, a police detective said Wednesday (April 16) that DNA matching that of former Saints safety was found on one of two young women who say Sharper drugged and sexually assaulted them last November.

Sharper is still in jail in Los Angeles.