Pistons guard Brandon Jennings “baby’s mama drama” plays out on Instagram [photos]

Since having a baby by an athlete has become the goal of many, we are often times included the drama that follows suit when the novelty wears off and things go left. This time our example is Pistons guard Brandon Jennings and his second “baby’s mama,” Brittany Bryant. Brittany chastised Brandon on Instagram for posting a photo on his Instagram account of three young ladies following a night out at Supper Club – that’s the spot to hit in Hollywood on Tuesday nights.


Apparently Brittany felt Jennings should spend more time with his son and less time with “different Bi**hes.” Well Brandon’s mom saw Brittany’s comment and responded with a comment of her own:

Some of these girls Instagram there purses and shoes more than they kid.


Well that was all the inspiration Brittany needed to let loose on BJ’s IG comments saying that Brandon’s mother has never seen her son and that she needs to encourage Brandon to be better instead of “defending his deadbeat ways”


prettybritty87: @basketballmom333 first off u never even seen my child. And the only reason I chose to put my kid on Instagram is so his other side could even see him. A social network is not where I blast my child. I have never released the truth about how u as a parent has only till now claimed your “grandson”. So lets be clear no matter how many times I put a pic of me dressed its never goin to take away that I’m a full time parent and u and ur son are NEVER there. He’s a bill to your child and a picture u put up as if ur grandmother of the year. How long is your negativity going to continue instead of defending is deadbeat ways how about u encourage him to be a better father!!!!!

1 hour ago

basketballmom333: you thought that was about you @prettybritty87

43 min ago

prettybritty87: Sure did! In response to my message to ur son about being in the same state as his child and not seeing Him. I’m done goin back n forth on Instagram you can email me if its anything more to say @basketballmom333


Of course all of this has been deleted, including the photo, but screen shots are forever, right? This isn’t the first time Brittany has used social media to publicly shame Brandon. She utilized Facebook previously when BJ allegedly cheated on her with his first son’s mother…


Ironic that Brandon captioned the photo that kicked all of this off with the title of Drake’s song, “Girls Love Beyonce,” Check the opening lyrics.


Look, I know girls love Beyoncé
Girls love to fu*k with your conscience
Girls hate when ni**as go missing
And shawty you ain’t no different

Moral to the story kids, social media is no place to sort through your parenting issues. That goes for grandparents too. Sheesh!