Pistons Andre Drummond Takes West Bloomfield Senior To Prom [Photos]


Last January, a high school senior named Raquel Smith had a lofty goal. She wanted Andre Drummond, a member of the Detroit Pistons, to take her to prom in May. Naturally she took to Twitter to see what it would take for him to say yes.

Drummond said if she could get 12,000 retweets in two weeks, he’d be her date.

Andre-Drummond-Prom-date raquell

She didn’t make her goal, but the 21-year-old Drummond took her anyway, and naturally he was the hit of West Bloomfield high’s prom.

He was absolutely amazing. He stayed at prom almost two hours, was social with everyone, he was very nice. Of course even the adults wanted pictures and he was very accommodating. He was just an unbelievable.

I wonder if the friendship will continue? They looked nice together.