Pilar Sanders Said She’s Never Cheated On Deion

When Deion Sanders daughter Deiondra went on an epic Twitter rant last month about her stepmother,Pilar Sanders, I predicted the move would cause problems in the divorce case for her dad. Pilar not only wants to let everyone know she never cheated on Deion, she also wants a public apology and dual lie detector tests.

Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman had a conversation with TMZ

“It is extremely unfortunate that, in addition to the mental distress caused by the unexpected and untimely filing of the divorce by Deion Sanders, he has not stopped his daughter Deiondra from falsely accusing my client, Pilar Sanders, of infidelity in order to cause her more pain and suffering and further damage her character and reputation.”

Friedman adds, “This matter doesn’t require praying for Pilar as Deion has stated; it calls for telling the ‘truth’ — as well as a retraction of the false accusations made about Pilar and a public apology.”

“Perhaps it’s time for the parties to submit to and release the results of a polygraph examination to determine whether infidelity was committed during the marriage and to put an end to the speculation once and for all.”

Like I said initially, Deiondra opened the door for all her dad’s dirt to come out. Nobody wants that. This divorce could get pretty nasty. Let’s hope they can work out the details. After all, Pilar and Deion are still living under the same roof. Guess that’s how you have to work your pieces