Pilar Sanders accuses estranged husband Deion Sanders of steroid use


Deion Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar are still in the midst of a nasty custody battle. All sorts of accusations of infidelity, abuse and just general debauchery have dotted this story since details began spilling into the press. The latest has Pilar throwing out allegations of steroid use in court this week.

Pilar Sanders was on the stand and started to testify about Deion Sanders taking steroids. The former professional athlete stood abruptly and left the courtroom as his attorneys objected. The jury was removed from the courtroom so the judge could hear arguments.

Attorney Rick Robertson said that Deion Sanders has never used steroids. Attorney Luke Gunnstaks told the judge that the issue was relevant because the controlled substances were in a closet that was accessible to the children.

Judge Ray Wheless ruled that the testimony was too prejudicial and banned the jury from hearing any evidence on the matter.

Pilar’s attorney also called Deion’s current girlfriend to the stand, producer Tracey Edmonds. Yikes.