Photos of Aaron Hernandez “selfie” with a glock surface [photo]


A photo of Aaron Hernandez when he was 19 years-old holding a Glock hand gun has surfaced. TMZ published the photo taken during Hernandez’s time at the University of Florida. Hernandez has never had a license to carry a gun. Expect a lot more photos and tales involving Hernandez’s college years to emerge. Hernandez was charged with murder and 5 counts of gun charges Wednesday in the death of Odin Lloyd. Before being drafted, there were questions about his background with marijuana use – that he was upfront about at the Combines – and his alleged connection to people with gang ties. There’s currently a civil case against Hernandez in Florida from a former associate who claims Hernandez shot him in the face after a night out at the club.

Hernandez was arrested early Wednesday morning at his home in North Attleboro, Mass.

The identity of the other two men who were with Hernandez on the night in question hasn’t been revealed yet. The myth of “Ride or Die” often comes down to “you” or “I.”