Photo of Kevin Durant smoking tweeted then deleted [photo]


OKC Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is like a lot of NBA players, he likes to smoke hookah. But late Thursday night, following a loss to the Nuggets, someone allegedly hacked Durant’s phone and not only posted a cropped photo of KD smoking hookah – I think the idea was to imply it was some other substance – but per him, started texting all the contacts in his phone.


Yikes, someone has a bone to pick with KD.  Oh, in case you’re doubting KD’s story, his teammate Nick Collison sent a tweet to “DeadSpin” confirming that at the time the tweet went out, KD was going through TSA at the Denver airport.

The other bit of irony in this. KD’s Twitter is hacked the same day his ex-fiancé deletes her Twitter and Instagram… FREAKY