Photo flashback, Evelyn Lozada as a teen [photo]

Evelyn Lozada’s daughter Shanice recently tweeted a photo of her mom as a teenager when she posted a flashback of Evelyn in the hospital shortly after giving birth to her in 1993. And for those wondering what Shanice’s dad looks like, that’s him in the photo as well. Shanice looks just like him.

photo via Evelyn Lozada's blog

In last week’s episode of Basketball Wives, issues of infidelity were highlighted between Evelyn and her fiance, Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn’s castmate Tami Roman recently gave an interview that sounds as if she’s not that supportive of the union either. I wonder if Evelyn will start beefing with Tami again because of it. Isn’t that part of the problem with her and former BFF, Jennifer?

“You can’t tell a person who to fall in love with. I guess she’s just gonna take her chances and hope that this one will stand the test of time,” Roman says about her friend. Tami implies that infidelities are going to be a major issue between Ev and Ocho especially because of their money and fame…”

When asked if being with an athlete is “toxic,” Tami says that you have to be aware of what the situation is and with all of the women throwing themselves at your baller, you need “a strong mind and a thick skin.”