Phoenix Suns Marcus and Markieff Morris Charged With Felony Assault


Back in January it was discovered that twin brothers, Marcus & Markieff of the Phoenix Suns were being investigated for physically assaulting a former friend over alleged text messages sent to their mother.


Per ESPN, the Suns forwards have both been charged with felony aggravated assault. Gerald Bowman- a former safety at USC who is currently preparing for the NFL draft- is also being charged with felony assault.

36 year old Erik Hood says that on January 24th, he and a female companion were at a Phoenix area rec center watching a weekend basketball tournament. The Morris Twins and three friends, Gerald Bowman, Julius Kane and Christopher Melendez were there and approached Hood after the game. Hood told police he was attacked by a man named Julius Kane, the same person he believes told the twins about the alleged text message.

Hood said Kane confronted him,while Melendez struck in the back of the head. According to the police report, Hood tried to run but was caught by another man, while at least three others attacked him.

The 25-year-old brothers released a joint statement.

“We have been advised by our attorneys not to discuss this case or make any statements about it,” the Morrises said in a joint prepared statement through their agency. “We are sorry for the distraction this has caused to our fans and the Suns.”

Their agent, Leon Rose, also issued a statement, reading, “Markieff and Marcus are good men and I am confident that when all the facts come out, their names will be cleared.”

The Phoenix Suns also released a statement on the charges:

“We are disappointed to learn that Marcus and Markieff Morris have been charged,” Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said in a statement. “This is a serious matter, and we will treat it as such. However, at this time, we think it is most appropriate to continue to monitor the legal process as it unfolds before responding further.”


Spotted @ AZCentral