Phoenix Mercury’s Brittney Griner will rock male Nike gear


The Phoenix Mercury’s Brittney Griner signed an endorsement deal with Nike and is their first openly gay athlete signing . As part of that deal, Brittney isn’t interested in obtaining the clothing they have for women. The WNBA’s number one pick will instead create her own androgynous lane rocking menswear.

ESPN’s Kate Fagan revealed that Griner’s contract will allow her to wear clothes branded for men.

Androgynous models are coveted in high-end fashion, but the trend toward gender-neutral clothing has only just begun to reach the sports world, with NBA stars Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade blurring the lines in their tight jeans and fitted sweaters.

“It clicked for me,” Griner says. “I used to do the whole baggy, hard-core, I’m-a-boy look. Then I went through a preppy phase. Now I have the athletic, bow-tie look. I found my style.”

Considering Griner’s height and slight build, it makes sense. Plus, I occasionally rock stuff meant for guys too. I think that’s one of those female privilege things.