Phil Jackson On Worst Season In Knicks Franchise History, “Sh*t Happens”


If you had to assign a grade to Phil Jackson’s first season as President the Knicks, it would likely be a D or F.

The Knicks are coming to the end of the worst season in franchise history. Phil Jackson recently summed up this season’s woes in two words, “sh*t happens.”

On the prospect of the Knicks landing a top draft pick, Jackson said it was a “godsend,” before adding pleasantries towards the season ticket holders who paid for a full slate of trash basketball games: “I commiserate for the people who put a lot of money out there, who have season tickets who sit and watch the game. I empathize with that part of it,” he said.

“To rebuild this team, we knew we were going to have to take the team apart to get where we have to. I can make the argument we had to go through it. Shit happens and this season it did happen to us,” added Jackson.

Things do happen. And anyone who took a good look at the Knicks during the off season, probably shouldn’t have expected too much from the team. Keep your head up Knicks fans, you can always watch JR Smith and Iman Shumpert flourish with the Cavs, or watch Amaré work off the last season of his contract in Dallas, and be thankful they aren’t there with Melo anymore during the post-season.