Phil Jackson has been mentoring Dwight Howard via text message



Phil Jackson has always been a great motivator and a master manipulator. His latest move might actually impact the Laker franchise in a way nobody ever imagined. Jackson has become a mentor of Dwight Howard’s and has been text messaging the Lakers center. Dwight is having a rough season in his first with the Lakers. He’s still getting into shape and having issues related to his back surgery last April. Plus the team is just starting to develop an identity under Mike D’Antoni.

“Phil, he texts me and he understands how it is to come off back surgery,” Howard said. “He just said it takes a full year to recover, so you can’t beat yourself up over the things that have happened this year.”

Jackson recently said that the offense D’Antoni is running takes away Dwight’s assets. Wouldn’t it be something if Phil still manages to become the one to get the Lakers another championship by guiding Dwight. A new layer to this complicated Lakers season.