Paul Pierce on fatherhood, post-playing career and the future of the Brooklyn Nets


Paul Pierce is on a new team for the first time in his NBA career. Pierce was drafted to the Celtics in 1998 and was traded to the Brooklyn Nets along with teammate Kevin Garnett. Dujour mag caught up with “The Truth” following his recent move where he discussed his children – Paul has two daughters, ages 5 and 2, and a five-month old son, Prince, being in a new city for the first time and what he plans to do post-playing days.

Recovering from a bad game:
“Before I had kids, I’d be down for a couple days after a bad game. But Now if I have a bad game, I go home and the kids don’t care.

His post-playing career ambitions:
“If I can play another year after this, that would be great. But I want to stay involved in the game of basketball – maybe coaching or managing a team.”

The future of the Nets franchise:
“In the next ten to fifteen years it’s going to be looked at like the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, or even an organization like the Yankees.”

You have two girls and a 5-month old son, Prince—do you think he’ll follow in your footsteps?
I can’t ask him to try to be like his dad. Whatever his path is going be, it will be. And I just want to put all the best opportunities out there for him.

 What about your daughters—are they into sports?
They’re 5 and 2, and definitely girly girls. I try to get them to stop handing Prince their play dolls, because he’s part of the man group now. We need to get him some GI Joes.


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