Paul George Celebrates Daughter Oliva’s 1st Birthday [Photo]


There is something magical about a father’s relationship with his daughter. He is the first man she falls in love with, and the person who sets the expectation for the future men in their lives. Indiana Pacers star Paul George celebrated his daughter Olivia’s first birthday on Friday May 1st.

After a rocky start to their relationship with child support and custody issues with Olivia’s mother, PG is embracing fatherhood. He posted a birthday selfie of the two to Instagram.

That’s also My birthday, Kobe’s daughter Natalia’s 9th birthday, and Shaq’s daughter Me’arah’s 9th too.

Sidenote, Paul George turned 25 on Saturday, May 2nd.

Also born on May 2nd, The Royal Princess. Prince William & Kate Middleton welcomed a daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. She’s named after Williams parents. Charles and Diana.