Patriots Rookie Sextape

Patriots Rookie Brandon Spikes

OMG Whyyyyyyyy Just Whyyyyyyyyyy. I try extremely hard not to be to judgemental, everybody makes mistakes. Thinks that they won’t be the one to get caught up HOWEVER. When will you Horny little monsters learn to stop recording the evidence of your debauchery?!?!

This week’s freakfest is Courtesy of New England Patriots Rookie Brandon Spikes (Dude, who the Hell ARE You?) Seeing your naughty bits all exposed on the internet just as football season gets underway should NOT be my proper introduction to you.  At any rate, this is NOT SAFE FOR VIEWING AT WORK! And if you’re under 18, click away, QUICKLY!! (I’ll tell your mom if you don’t lol)

And what the heck is “Chatroulette” Why did this dude think it was cool to go on the net for a STRANGER with all of that? Ummm was the NFL NOT in your plans at that point? Anyway, that’s A LOT to share with strangers.