Part 2 of Evelyn Lozada’s appearance on “Fix My Life with Iyanla Vazant” [video]

In part two of Iyanla Vazant’s Fix My Life with Evelyn Lozada aired Sunday night. This episode took place AFTER the domestic violence incident. Evelyn digs into that night, knowing Chad would never be faithful and how her “daddy’s issues” contributed to her anger issues and need for financial security at any cost.

Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (Part 2)… by Ashley_Miller_3
Evelyn said what hurts her the most is that people associate what she did on Basketball Wives with Chad assaulting her and that she never raised a hand to him. Evelyn also admitted that the deal breaker was the “physical wounds” even though she stated that this incident wasn’t the first time. Evelyn has said she’s a changed woman from this experience, she hasn’t spoken to Chad and doesn’t want to. But she has prayed for him and hopes he gets the help he needs.

If you missed part 1 of Evelyn’s appearance on Fix My Life with Iyanla Vazant, you can check that out HERE