Paparazzi ambush Lamar Odom at Taco Bell [video]


The craziest thing about this TMZ video where paparazzi are ambushing Lamar Odom at a Taco Bell near he and Khloe’s home in Tarazana, the fact that the manager didn’t come out and ask the paps to move back. One of them was even savvy enough to get footage from the drive thru window’s perspective. LO just orders his nachos and tacos – with his ring on full display – daps up a couple of fans and rolls out.

On Monday members of the Clippers and Lakers went to see LO at a hotel to stage another intervention. Looks like it worked.

Speaking of the Clippers, they finalized a one-year contract with Antawn Jamison on Wednesday.

Per RadorOnline, the Lakers are open to accepting Lamar back into the fold if he gets into rehab. We’re still a month away from NBA training camps opening. Of course I’ll keep you updated.