Pamela Smith wants the court to order Michael Jordan to take a paternity test

Pamela Smith wants Michael Jordan to take a $300 paternity test and now, she wants the court to order him to do it. The mother of 16-year old Taj filed suit against Jordan for child support and the right for her son to legally change his last name to Jordan. Jordan’s lawyers have filed a counter suit asking that the case be dismissed claiming Pamela’s ex-husband is Taj’s father per divorce documents. Seems like Pamela has no doubt what the outcome of the paternity test will be.

In a court filing Tuesday, Kessler asked Fulton County Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob to order Jordan to submit to “immediate genetic testing.” There was no immediate ruling from Shoob following a 20-minute hearing Tuesday in the judge’s chambers, Kessler said.

“My son has the right to know who his father is,” Smith told reporters after the hearing. “He has had an issue with it over the years.”

If Jordan is ordered to pay child support it would only be for about two years until the 16-year-old graduates from high school, Kessler said.

“If this was about money, she would have filed suit 10 years ago,” the attorney said.

I made the point above previously. With such a short window left for support payments, the notion that this is about money seems shaky. If Jordan really wants this all to go away and it’s not true, what’s $300? That’s less than his lawyer’s monthly retainer.

Just make sure you choose the doctor’s office, remember my PSA about fake DNA tests.